Lauren bosworth dating

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The couple grew close after they both got divorced early last year.

Charlie took to Twitter this week to wish his “beautiful partner in crime” a happy birthday.

Then there was the cast of supporting players, handpicked by the show’s visionary creator, Adam Di Vello.

Conrad’s crew was comprised of Audrina Patridge, childhood friend Lo Bosworth, and later, in an ironic twist of events, Stephanie Pratt, the sister of her arch nemesis Spencer.

“They have been dating under the radar for nearly a year,” a source told Just

It’s rare for a high school student to be that expressive with their emotions. Adam Di Vello: After two seasons of Laguna Beach, Lauren told me she was going to fashion school in Los Angeles.

It seemed like the perfect opportunity to follow her on the next stage of her journey.

So when Adam came to me and said, “Do you want to do this show? ”Heidi Montag: Laguna Beach hadn’t even aired when I met Lauren at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. The following summer, I stayed with her family for a few weeks before we moved to L. Whitney Port: I was about to start school at USC when I heard that Teen Vogue was looking for interns.

But there was a rumor circulating that a girl from an MTV show was going to be there. They said, “We want whoever is interning here to be okay with cameras, because MTV is going to start to film a documentary-style TV show.” So I showed up for my on-camera interview and was sitting in the lobby and that’s when Lauren walked in. I know what I’m doing here now.”Lauren Conrad: It was a weird moment for me. When I walked into that waiting room and sat down, I noticed that everyone was miked.

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